More than merely machines providing technical support and assistance, these droids have proved to be an essential part of the Resistance.


An unassuming spherical astromech droid, BB-8 has a particular aptitude for adventure. Prior to the destruction of Starkiller Base, BB-8 joined Poe Dameron on his mission to Jakku to retrieve information vital to the whereabouts of Luke Skywalker. When the droid and Poe were forced to separate, BB-8 was entrusted with the data.
Employing all his ingenuity he managed to roll away from the stormtroopers searching for him and persuaded a young woman, Rey, to help him get off the planet and back to the Resistance. After Rey leaves for Ahch-To with R2-D2 and Chewbacca, BB-8 aids Poe Dameron in the fight against the First Order Dreadnought during the evacuation of D’Qar. Ready and willing to risk everything for the Resistance, he’s determined to accompany Finn and Rose on their sabotage mission aboard the enemy’s flagship. He may not have been terribly enamored of Finn at first, but BB-8 now completely trusts the former stormtrooper.


Long before the demise of the Galactic Republic and the rise of the Empire, R2 was already a firmly established hero. Among his many feats of courage, he repaired the Naboo Royal Starship during an invasion, helping save Queen Amidala, the future mother of Luke and Leia.
When the Empire achieved dominance over the galaxy, R2 was serving Alderaan’s royal family. Pursued by Darth Vader, Leia sent the droid on a desperate mission to Tatooine, where he met Luke. Along with Luke and protocol droid C-3PO, R2 played a vital role in the events that led to the end of the Empire and a return to galactic peace. For years thereafter, the little droid and his master Luke stuck together—until Kylo Ren destroyed everything that Luke was trying to build. When the devastated Jedi went into self-imposed exile, R2 put himself into stand-by mode, only reactivating when the other portion of the map to Luke’s location was revealed. Standing by Rey’s side, R2 voyaged aboard the Millennium Falcon to Ahch-To, where he eagerly awaits a reunion with his master.


As a protocol droid, C-3PO is programmed to translate alien and cyborg languages or provide valuable information about customs and etiquette—not especially useful during, say, an evacuation or escape. Nonetheless, C-3PO—who’s been with R2 since the beginning—does his best to help  General Leia and the Resistance leaders find a way to move the fl eet out of reach of the First Order.