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Nien Nunb

Though the Rebel Alliance had sought allies in every corner of the galaxy, few could have imagined that an arms dealer and smuggler would help turn the tide of the Galactic Civil War.
Starting out as a freighter pilot for the SoroSuub Corporation (which supported the Empire), Nien Nunb at first proved his opposition covertly, by  stealing from his employers and giving the proceeds to the Rebellion. Before long, he branched out as an independent arms dealer, and committed himself fully to the growing Rebel Alliance shortly after the Battle of Yavin, helping to smuggle Alderaanian refugees from his home planet, Sullust,
after the Empire destroyed their world.
Reunited with his old friend General Lando Calrissian, Nunb served as Lando’s co-pilot during the Battle of Endor. Diving fi ercely into waves of Imperial TIE fighters on board the Millennium Falcon, Calrissian and Nunb entered the station alongside Wedge Antilles, fi ring the shot that took out the main reactor.
Years later, Nunb piloted Resistance starfighters against Snoke’s First Order during the Battle of Starkiller Base. As a long-serving ally of General Organa, he stood with the Resistance leadership on the bridge of the Raddus as their base on D’Qar was evacuated, and was one of the few survivors of the Battle of Crait, once more carrying hope with him aboard the Millennium Falcon.


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