T H E P I L O T – W e d g e A n t i l l e s

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T H E P I L O T – W e d g e A n t i l l e s

Wedge Antilles

Wedge Antilles was destined for a life in the skies. Born on the planet Corellia, and learned the ins and outs of complex flight mechanics at a young age, working in fuel depots and farm outposts. His piloting abilities developed fast, and before long he was flying cargo ships. But like many of his  generation, he joined the Imperial Academy in search of better opportunities and more advancement than a hauling freight could ever offer.
His uncanny flying ability was soon identifi ed, and he was sent to the planet Montross to train as a TIE fighter pilot at Skystrike Academy. It was during his time here that Antilles witnessed the true face of the mighty Imperial war machine as it steamrollered anything that lay waiting in its path. With a desire to defect to the Rebellion, Wedge Antilles was noticed by the mysterious rebel agent known only as Fulcrum, and his future path was  set.

Antilles answered the call to join Red Squadron, taking the call-sign Red Two. Flying in numerous engagements, most notably the Battle of Hoth, his
ingenuity and skill in piloting a tiny T-47 airspeeder toppled a mighty AT-AT walker. His leadership qualities were second-to-none, and as the rebel
fleet massed near to the planet Sullust to prepare for the attack on the second giant Death Star, Wedge was the commander of Rogue Squadron. Upon entering the superstructure, Antilles and General Lando Calrissian blew up the reactors, which created a chain reaction that destroyed the deadly weapon.
This blow meant the Empire was all but fi nished, but Wedge still had important work to do on missions to Akiva and during the Battle of Jakku. Wedge could at last retire when the signing of the Galactic Concordance declared that the Empire’s rule was finally over.

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