How Did The Empire React When Darth Vader First Appeared? 1

How did the Empire React When Darth Vader First Appeared.

The first time Darth Vader made an appearance to high ranking imperials, he was viewed as a savage mechanical man with no military or strategic experience. In response to this, Vader slaughtered the imperials who spoke out against him, slowly building respect and fear amongst the men.

Not long after, Vader discovered an assasination plot against him by some high ranking imperial officers, knowing he needed to teach them a lesson. To do this, Palpatine and Vader together called a meeting of high ranking officers, warning them that any order from Vader should be treated as if it came from Palpatine.

And To drill the message home, Vader stepped forward and in a shocking display of strength he force choked a group of high ranking officers to death, as a final warning to anyone with plans to kill him.

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