Star Wars the Bad Batch Season 1 Episode 14, WAR-MANTLE has finally been released, and with it were given a glimpse into the opening stages of the Imperial plan to eliminate most clone troopers and replace them with natural born recruits. The episode has some awesome connections to the other Star Wars tv shows and even the games with a cameo from someone massive, So, lets break down everything that went down in the episode, and how they will affect the series going into the final 2 episodes of the show. RC-1262 SCORCH is back from the Republic Commando games!! Lets get the rest of the Delta Squad back!!!

So the episode begins with a rogue clone trooper sprinting through the dark forests of Daro, being eagerly chased down by Imperial Clone Troopers from all directions. He is eventually stunned to the ground and caught by his fellow brothers, before they take him to a hidden imperial facility, carved into the face of a mountain. Back on the Bad Batch’s ship, they get a transmission from the man himself, Captain Rex, who is in dire need of help. Rex just received a distress signal from the Rogue Clone Trooper we saw earlier, but unfortunately is a bit tied up right now, so he asks the Bad Batch to lend him a hand. Rex can’t go into any further detail and he is in a dicey situation himself, and instead patches through the signal to the bad batch…

As tech pulls up the signal on the location, he quickly realizes that it is coming from a clone trooper called CC-5576, which is the code number of Commando Gregor, who we all know from his heroic appearances in the Clone Wars series, as well as in Star Wars: Rebels, where he has met up with Rex and Wolffe to live in a walker on Seelos. Gregor’s signal is coming from the planet Daro in the Outer Rim, which causes Tech to protest and stress that they are right in the middle of a job for cid, so they should really be taking another mission. Thankfully however, the group eventually decide that they will try to rescue the stranded Gregor, regardless of the risk. Following this, we return to Kamino, where Crosshair is preparing every viable clone trooper for a massive operation, including the Cadets who are being moved out of the facilities. We of course saw Clone Cadets appear many times throughout the Clone Wars series, including when Boba tried to blend in with them in an attempt to assassinate Mace Windu. Awesomely, we also get a look at some Imperial Venators stationed above Kamino guarding the imperial presence there.

Por Diego