How Captain Rex is Creating his own 'Clone Rebellion' 1

The Rebellion represented the survival of Jedi, so its symbol was one close to the Jedi Order. ARC commander Vaux, and captain Blaist ordered the gathering, drafting and fighting of all those truly loyal to the Republic. Many rebels on Kashyyyk, Felucia, Coruscant and Utapau, managed to break off taking whatever Jedi they could find. Delta 34th of the Homeworld Security Command reached the Jedi Temple before Anakin Skywalker and the 501st. Acting quick they successful evacuated many young Jedi, and Padawans. They could have taken more, if they had not been suspected of treason and betrayal themselves. Those Jedi who stayed behind chose their fate, however. Within days most of the rebels had assembled on Dantooine, far from the eyes of the Clone Army. A droid producer working for the CIS, had heard of the Chancellor’s great plan to overthrow the Republic, and destroy the CIS, so had taken a small number of droid engineers with him. Vaux was worried about the tension between these two forces, of clone and droid, but let it pass. Many rebels were still stuck behind enemy lines, and blockades. Something had to be done.

Operation: Ironside

Vaux set out with Delta 34th, and Alpha 67th to rescue those rebels and survivors behind the new Imperial blockades. His first target was Tatooine, where a number of rebels had been caught by the Empire. TAG troopers also assisted them. These were new soldiers who had sworn their lives to the Republic, but had seen it end to soon. TAG troopers began helping the Rebellion prosper. Ironside’ main objective was to rescue the rebels on Tatooine. The battle that progressed was vicious. The city of Mos Eisley was thrown into disarray, littered with chaos and fighting. However, in the carnage Delta 34th rescued the rebels and made away with most of them. Alpha 67th were less successful, ordered to bring down the Imperial forces there. They were hit hard and very little made it out alive.

The First Orbital Battle

The Rebellion managed to invade the Kuat Drive Yards and steal several flagships. The Empire was afraid that secret trade routes and better resources could be given to the Rebellion with the possession of a fleet. Several Imperial Star Destroyers were dispatched to eliminate the threats roaming the Outer Rim Territory. Commodore Fedias of the Rebellion miscalculated a hyperspace route, ending the Rebel Fleet only two miles away from the Imperial Star Destroyers. Within minutes a chase was on, but the faster TIE Bombers began circling the Rebel Fleet and destroying preliminary engine-feeds. After two hours the fleet was surrounded by Star Destroyers.

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