Why do Imperial Scientist Want BABY YODA’S Blood?

Why do Imperial Scientist Want BABY YODA'S Blood?

Pershing was a human male doctor and scientist affiliated with a remnant of the Galactic Empire during the New Republic Era. By 9 ABY, Pershing and “the Clientplaced a bounty on “the Child” in hopes of acquiring it. One of the bounty hunters who accepted the commission was Din Djarin who met with the Client and Pershing while they were under the protection of Remnant Stormtroopers.

Djarin retrieved the Child for the Imperials, and delivered him directly to the Client and Pershing, who verified he was healthy. The doctor and the Client then argued about extracting material from the Child, with Pershing ensuring that it remained alive. After having a change of heart, Djarin returned and fought his way through the facility where Pershing was working on the child. The bounty hunter confronted Pershing who begged for his and the Child’s life, causing Djarin to spare the scientist and leave with the infant.