Luke and Ahsoka in The Mandalorian Season 2

Luke and Ahsoka in The Mandalorian Season 2

Ahsoka and Mando meet, he tells her Bo Katan has sent him to her, through so many obstacles to find her, all in the hopes of reuniting the child with its kind before the empire tries to kill it. As Ahsoka tells him that she cannot help him as much as a Jedi named Luke Skywalker, Mando argues that she must know the way to bring Baby Yoda with his family, when Moff Gideon and his Dark Troopers arrive.

Ahsoka would have to use the force in order to destroy them since her two lightsabers won’t work against their amor. The only way Ahsoka could kill them would be to stop them from moving through means of the force, freezing, holding them in place, crushing them with the force or an object like the woks did against the ATST’s in ROTJ, or to push them off a cliff to where they fall into a pit. Seeing as how there are 20 of them, I’m really wondering how Ahsoka will get out of this one. The only way would be if Bo Katan, the Mandalorians, and Boba Fett showed up in his Slave 1 ship to fight the Empire and Moff Gideon.

If he were to take Ahsoka Tano, he would have no use for Baby Yoda, because he’d have 10x the amount of blood he needed for more trials, however, that’s only to say her M-Count, midichloarian count is the same as Baby Yoda,s which is what Dr Pershing made evidently important in this procedure of transferring a high m-count blood sample to a host body.

If Moff Gideon kills Ahsoka, what would he use her blood for, most likely to bring Palpatine back or for Snoke. I personally don’t enjoy the idea of Snoke being animated through Ahsoka or Baby Yoda’s blood, but I know Mof Gideon needs the child for its blood, and to perform a blood transfusion with someone. From the last episode, we saw the tank of weird organic lifeforms being grown, as Dr Pershing said he needs to find more blood because all his previous tests and trials have failed miserably. Now transferring the blood of a force user into a non force user, or into a clone body isn’t really something that’s done easily in Star Wars. In fact, it’s near impossible. So even if they did get baby Yoda’s blood, let’s say, or Ahsoka’s or Luke’s or whoever, then the trial has a high chance of failure.

The only person more powerful than Ahsoka and Baby Yoda, is Luke Skywalker, which makes me wonder if they’ll go after him next if all else fails. Now Ahsoka could die, and this could put all the weight of the show on Luke, or, she could survive which I’d prefer, and she could join the adventures with Luke, for Sabine and Ezra to join later, perhaps, or, for Luke to join later since he’s the biggest character of them all.

The empire could hunt for Luke at the end of this season, or Luke could even show up somewhere at the end, ending the show and starting us on season 3 where Luke has to battle the remnants of the empire with Ahsoka Tano and the Mando. I could really see that, and I think it would be the coolest Star Wars ever. Luke teaching Ahsoka, and Ahsoka teaching Luke, bonding over Anakin Skywalker, Ahsoka teaching Luke about how Anakin lived, and Luke teaching Ahsoka about how Anakin brought balance to the force. The child in their possession as they take him to Yoda’s people. This is something Luke could learn from either Obi-Wan’s journal that he collected from his hut, or it could be from what he learned from Yoda on Dagobah, or, and this would be the coolest, if Luke and Ahsoka go back to the Jedi Temple or a Jedi Temple somewhere to find information on Yoda’s planet of Origin. This could lead into Luke fighting Snoke like it’s mentioned he does in the comics, and tons more. Now between episode 6 and 7 Luke is supposed to be scouring the galaxy with little Ben Solo, finding relics and ancient Jedi and Sith artifacts, holocrons and pieces of information. This could all be found on the way to taking Baby Yoda to his people. Eventually uniting Baby Yoda with his people, Luke would go off to train Ben Solo and start his Jedi Temple, and we could follow the story of Ezra and Ahsoka going to Mortis or something, which could have its own spin off show that I’m sure everybody would watch.

Now Snoke did have an apprentice other than Kylo, this could have been Moff Gideon, who will at some point, possibly die.

The interesting thing about this storyline is that the empire needs force sensitive blood, and high m-counts, so essentially, only super powerful Jedi, which could lead to powerful Jedi who are left. Cal Kestis, Ahsoka, Luke, Ezra, Mace Windu (maybe), and more that we don’t know of, yet.