The Clone Who Was In a COMA During Order 66

The Clone Who Was In a COMA During Order 66

The Sad Story of the Clone Trooper Was in a Coma During Order 66, and came across Jedi Younglings.

In the late stages of the Clone Wars, one Clone Pilot was shot down in a flurry of a fire, causing horrific damage to his ship and leaving him in a deep coma for the closing days of the war. During his deep slumber however, the Order to eliminate all Jedi knights of the Republic for their treason, Order 66, was issued by Chancellor Palpaitne, turning all Clones against their Generals.

So, I’m going to break down how one brave Clone trooper reacted to waking up shortly after Order 66 was issued.

The story begins deep in the dark void of space, with an unfortunate Clone Pilot drifting rapidly through a thick debris field after being violently shot down by separatist forces many weeks ago.

As this is happening a local junk salvager is scavenging the area for rubble and spare parts lost during the Clone Wars. Inside his junk gathering ship is a captured unit of B-1 battle droids that did not receive the shutdown Order from Mustafar after Order 66 was given.

One of the B-1 battle droids quickly notices that a V-19 torrent starfighter is nearby, with extensive damage ravaging the tiny ship. The salvage man then orders his battle droid servants to pull the craft aboard to see if anything can be salvaged from the ship, despite it barely being held together.

As the battle droids reel in the fighter and approach it with their chainsaw and scanning devices, they quickly report to the junker that there is a problem. A clone trooper’s life support system is still active, but in a critical state. The b-1 units are puzzled by this, but quickly ask “What are the instructions?”

The Junker is deeply annoyed by this complication, but orders his battle droid units to take the unconscious Clone Trooper to the nearby sickbay.

A short while after being moved to the medical bay, the Clone Trooper awakens in a painful haze, before turning his head to see his mortal enemies, the B-1 Battle droids. Upon seeing their shiny metal heads, the Clone Troopers leaps out of his medical bed and rushes towards the B-1 units in a rage, hurling them into the walls, before tearing their heads off with fury.

Even with the B-1 units begging to talk this out, the Clone Trooper continues ripping the limbs from the helpless clankahs. As he is doing this however, a sharp projectile gracefully flies through the air, hitting the brave soldier directly in the back, violently shocking him until he falls to the ground.

The Junker then enters the room, angrily shouting at the Clone Trooper about the mess he has just created. He even goes on to call the Clone trooper Stupid, not happy at all because he just destroyed the B-1 Battle droids which took him an incredible amount of time to reprogram.