ALL Misconceptions About Bounty Hunters ANSWERED

ALL Misconceptions About Bounty Hunters ANSWERED 1

Star Wars is a big place, and with that comes many different…professions. Bounty Hunting is one of them, and while the job may seem more aligned with the Sith way of life (if you will), it actually has many misconceptions that the book “Bounty Hunter Code” reveals and explains. Star Wars ‘people’ in the galaxy has misconceptions about Bounty Hunting as a profession and Bounty Hunters, so here are a list of the biggest ones answered by the Bounty Hunter’s Guild, themselves.

Do you think Boba is a bad guy? Or do you think he’s just doing his job? What about Bossk or Dengar? This video should enlighten you all about Bounty Hunters in the Star Wars galaxy as we continue to The Mandalorian Season 2 Episode 4 and hopefully 5 (directed by Dave Filoni) where we see Ahsoka Tano for the first time in live action!!! Now I also think that Moff Gideon, while not a Bounty Hunter, of course, is a Mandalorian, and possibly, even a force sensitive one.