The Last Jedi | A Tribute to Luke Skywalker [40th Anniversary Celebration]

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The Last Jedi | A Tribute to Luke Skywalker [40th Anniversary Celebration]

Here it is, after 3 and a half months, I have finally finished my second Star Wars video. This one was really tough to make. Not only because of the difficulty in finding the subtleties of Luke’s life, but also bringing out some of the emotion as well. Luke Skywalker is an immensely unique character. His life was filled with so many trials and challenges which turned him into one of the most powerful Jedi ever. Thanks to Yoda and Obi-Wan, not only did Luke persevere against great odds, but he also brought The Chosen One back to the light to fulfill his destiny. To be honest, I’ve always seen Luke as “The fail safe” to the prophecy, and in a way, you could say he was the chosen one too. However, Anakin was the one who delivered the killing blow against Sidious; bringing balance to the Force….Or did he? hmmm – which leads into The Last Jedi. I am super excited for the movie this year. I can’t wait to explore what Luke has been through for the past 30 years, and why he thinks the Jedi must end?? It must be metaphorical right? Anyway, many of you might think Rey is the Last Jedi, and yes the title can be plural (Rey and Luke, which is fine too) but for the sake of this video, I am making Luke The Last Jedi because he truly has been for the past couple of decades or so after he lost his entire Jedi academy by the hands of his own nephew…


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