Star Wars: 8 Great Characters Disney Introduced To The Universe

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Star Wars: 8 Great Characters Disney Introduced To The Universe (And 7 We Could Do Without)


Though the spaceships, aliens and lightsabers were cool and very ahead of their time. The reason we fell in love with Star Wars and keep coming back over and over is the characters. The farm boy who knows he’s meant for something more. The princess who rebels against the Empire. The smuggler who can’t let anyone know he’s actually one of the good guys. The idea that Darth Vader used to be Anakin Skywalker, a great Jedi Knight trained by Obi-Wan, but now leads the Empire is fascinating. It is these characters who drew us into this universe and made us want to live in it.

When Disney announced they were bringing back a new Star Wars trilogy, we wondered who would be the new generation of heroes and villains battling for control of the galaxy. Disney had big shoes to fill, as Luke, Leia and Han are the plucky trio all others are based on. However, the studio knocked it out of the park with some of their new characters, creating people we love just as much as our favorites. Unfortunately, there were also some misses. No Jar Jar level mistakes, but still some misses. Here we examine the best and worst Star Wars characters Disney has introduced to the universe.


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