Back in Black (Darth Vader helmet)

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Back in Black (Darth Vader helmet)

The Black Series Darth Vader helmet takes center stage among Hasbro’s latest announcements.

Hasbro recently held the inaugural Hascon show in Providence, Rhode Island. Described by the company as a “FANmily event,” the convention offered fans an array of ways to connect and interact with Hasbro’s various toy lines, and their Star Wars team was on hand to unveil a number
of soon-to-be-released toys.
The biggest splash was made by the announcement of the Black Series Darth Vader electronic helmet. Based on the Dark Lord’s headpiece as it appears in Return of the Jedi, the highly detailed, wearable role-playing toy comprises three pieces that assemble via magnetic connectors: the collar, face mask, and domed helmet. As the company has done with its other Black Series electronic role-playing helmets, such as Poe Dameron’s electronic X-wing pilot helmet, the Vader helmet incorporates electronic sounds—in this case including breathing, and the sound of the helmet’s component pieces sealing together. The helmet is planned for spring next year.

2018 will also see the return of the Vintage Collection, which packages 3.75” action fi gures on old-school Kenner-inspired cardbacks. At Hascon, the company offered looks at the First Order Stormtrooper, Jyn Erso, Kylo Ren, Hoth Rebel Soldier, and Rey in her Jakku scavenger’s garb. The company also confirmed that Supreme Leader Snoke will receive the Vintage treatment.
Hasbro also introduced a number of action figures in its standard 3.75-inch, five-pointsof-articulation “Force Link” line. The company provided first looks at new sculpts for Obi-Wan Kenobi as he appears in A New Hope, R2-D2 with his rocket thrusters, and a prequel-era Yoda.
From The Last Jedi, the Force Link line will see the addition of General Leia Organa, Luke in his “Jedi exile” outfit, Rey in her “island journey” poncho, and the new slicer known as DJ. There will also be a three-pack that includes Rose in her First Order disguise, BB-8, and BB-9E.



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