Darth Vader BRUTALLY KILLS Elite Stormtroopers on a SECRET Mission – Star Wars Comics Explained

In Legends Star Wars Comic issue 14 by Dark Horse Comics, we get a secret mission that Vader goes on before all others catch wind of it…and with it…comes a slight disagreement with the stormtroopers…quite the mistake, for them…This is easily one of the most brutal killings Vader has done to his men. When you cross Vader, you won’t survive… Do you want to see Vader like this in a Star Wars movie? What if he fought like this against Luke Skywalker? What if Vader would fight Palpatine? What about Snoke? Would he lose? I hope you enjoyed today’s legends video, while the new CANON Darth Vader comic comes out in just a few more days. Can’t wait to bring that one to life for you all!!