From Star Wars to Return of the Jedi (The Making of a Saga HD)

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Star Wars as a franchise has been chugging along since the late 1970’s, in the time since their release there have been many documentaries and featurettes chronicling the production and impact of the 3 original films . The most influential of these documentaries has to be 1983’s “From Star Wars to Jedi The Making of a Saga” which inspired many children of the 80’s and 90’s to become the effects artists and filmmakers of today. Unfortunately, this fantastic look behind the magic hasn’t hit store shelve since 1995, leaving fans to wear out their ever-degrading VHS tapes. While home video continued to evolve from 480i to 480p to 720p to 1080p and now even 4K 3D “From Star Wars to Jedi” has been left behind to fade away into a washed out snowy mess. In an effort to, at least somewhat, remedy the situation I have taken it upon myself to create an HD restoration of the entire 70 min piece to serve as an archival copy for future generations to view. So, if you’ve never seen this classic, enjoy. If you have seen it before, watch it again… for the first time.