Star Wars The High Republic Shadows of Starlight

Star Wars – The High Republic – Shadows of Starlight (TPB) (2024) : Who lived? Who died? Little has been revealed about the year following the fall of Starlight Beacon and the ultimate triumph of the Nihil – until now! The Jedi Council, reeling from its losses, has recalled its Jedi Knights from across the galaxy and instituted its emergency measures. Master Yoda has a plan to save both the Order and the galaxy, but he must touch the dark side to achieve it, and the consequences will be grave indeed. Jedi Knight Bell Zettifar, with his trusty charhound Ember at his side, will battle to rid the galaxy of the villainous Nihil. And fresh from his sweetest triumph, Marchion Ro – ruthless Eye of the Nihil – must face his greatest trials! Plus: What is the Stormwall, and what danger does it pose to the Republic? Collecting STAR WARS: THE HIGH REPUBLIC – SHADOWS OF STARLIGHT #1-4.


Por Diego