Star Wars - Dark Droids - D-Squad

Star Wars – Dark Droids – D-Squad (TPB) (2024) : The unsung heroes of the Clone Wars return! A terrible scourge is corrupting the galaxy’s droids. To fight this menace and rescue his best friend C-3PO, R2-D2 must assemble a team of droid heroes: the D-Squad! It’s an adventure filled with guest stars from across the galaxy, including a special appearance by Chopper from Star Wars: Rebels! See Artoo battle the murderous BT-1! Witness the psychotic 0-0-0 in a showdown with the bounty hunter IG-88! Welcome the return of QT-KT! And as D-Squad’s mission brings them into the palace of Jabba the Hutt, our heroes take on the malevolent torture droid EV-9D9! Will Artoo’s journey lead only to carnage and destruction? Or will he also find love? Collecting STAR WARS: DARK DROIDS – D-SQUAD #1-4.


Por Diego