Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order Digital Artbook 1

The Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Digital Artbook is a collection of concept art and design work created during the development of the game. It offers a behind-the-scenes look at the process of bringing the world of Jedi: Fallen Order to life, from early sketches to fully realized character and environment designs.

The artbook includes artwork created by the team at Respawn Entertainment, including concept art by art director Chris Sutton, lead concept artist Jordan Lamarre-Wan, and lead character artist Vinod Rams. It covers a range of topics, including character designs for Cal, BD-1, and the game’s many enemies, as well as environment designs for the various planets visited in the game.

In addition to the artwork, the artbook also includes commentary and insights from the development team, providing context and detail about the creative decisions that went into shaping the game’s world and characters. For fans of the game, the artbook offers a fascinating look at the creative process behind one of the most acclaimed Star Wars games in recent memory.

Por Diego