The INSANELY STRONG Force Power (Force Transcendence) 1

Transcendence was a Force power widely utilized by the Kathol species at the end of their lives, whether from succumbing to old age, injury, or by voluntarily sacrificing themselves.

A technique within the Force, the Kathol marked the end of their lives by transcending, the process of which enabled them to shed their physical forms by separating their essences and consciousnesses from their tangible bodies, and live immortally as pure energy of the Force.

Transcendence was noted by many to have been nearly identical to similar techniques developed by the Jedi and the Sith, and it was unknown precisely how, if at all, the Kathol method differed from the two. Epizon, the soulkeeper of the Infinity Tome was a Kathol that had undergone Transcendence, suggesting a possible distinction between it and other Force abilities that enable the retaining of one’s identity after death, in that Transcendence enables the transcendent entity to access the ethereal plane of Limbo.

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