Why the Core Worlds of the Republic HATED Each Other 1

The Core Worlds, also known as the Galactic Core, the Core Territories, the Coruscant Core, the Core systems, or simply the Core, was the area of the galaxy that bordered the Deep Core and was bordered by the Colonies. The Core Worlds contained some of the wealthiest and most prestigious planets. Coruscant, the galactic capital during the time of the Galactic Republic and subsequent Galactic Empire, was located in the Core Worlds.

Core World design emphasized freedom of customization, which showed in the modular construction techniques of Core-built ships. Citizens from the Core Worlds were stereotyped as being snobs, rich, and speaking with a clipped, practiced accent.

Inequalities between the richer Core Worlds and the poorer Outer Rim Territories set the stage for resentments that fed several conflicts through the history of the galaxy, including the Clone Wars and the Galactic Civil War.

The Core Worlds was a region of the galaxy considered part of the «inner planets» and consisted of a ring wrapped around the Deep Core, with the Colonies region in turn wrapped around the Core Worlds. Worlds of the region were made hubs for fashion, education, finance, and technology due to important hyperspace routes, earning more fame and notoriety than more distant worlds in the Mid Rim.

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