Andor Episode 4 Details TEASED | Coruscant, B2EMO 1

In this Star Wars news update, we have updates for Andor after new reveals from Tony Gilroy about Coruscant, Mon Mothma and Diego Luna’s journey. We also talk about John Williams, the future of Lucasfilm and Disney+ and how the Rogue One spin-off might include some cameos and more fan service than initially thought. Andor episode 4 drops on Wednesday!

  • Coruscant is Coming!
  • Tony Gilroy Teases Big Galactic Events (Possible Cameos?)
  • Andor and the Early Rebellion
  • Episode 4 Will Build a ‘Huge’ Story, Says Gilroy
  • B2EMO | New Fan Favourite Droid
  • John Williams Was One of the Queen’s Final Knightings

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