The AT-PT (All Terrain Personal Transport)

The AT-PT (All Terrain Personal Transport)

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The All Terrain Personal Transport (AT-PT) was an all-terrain light infantry walker manufactured by Rothana Heavy Engineering. The AT-PT was distinguished by its pair of triple-jointed legs and single-pilot cabin, and it was armed with twin blaster cannons located below the viewport.

Designed before the height of the Clone Wars, the AT-PT, along with the All Terrain Tactical Enforcer, led to the development of the three-legged All Terrain Attack Pod. Its basic form and leg geometry were similar to that of the later All Terrain Reconnaissance Transport. In the Imperial Era, the Imperial Army utilized AT-PTs during the Galactic Civil War, a galaxy-wide conflict between the Galactic Empire and the Rebel Alliance.

In the current Star Wars canon, AT-PTs appeared in the mobile game Star Wars: Galactic Defense, which was released in 2014 and shut down in 2016. The walkers were later identified as All Terrain Personal Transports in the Star Wars Encyclopedia booklet “Walkers and Ground Vehicles of the Empire and the First Order,” which was published on May 11, 2021.

In the Star Wars Legends continuity, All Terrain Personal Transports first appeared in Dark Force Rising, the second volume of Timothy Zahn‘s Star Wars: The Thrawn Trilogy, which was published on May 1, 1992. The walkers were named in the accompanying Dark Force Rising Sourcebook, by Bill Slavicsek, which was created for Star Wars: The Roleplaying Game.