Star Wars Jedi: Survivor - Official Teaser 1

In the trailer, we see Cal meet with a Pau’an (the long-limbed humanoids that Obi-Wan meets on Utapau), which is notably the same species as the Grand Inquisitor–the leader of the Jedi hunters that served under Darth Vader. So this could be the Grand Inquisitor, but that seems unlikely given his role in other Star Wars stories, like Star Wars Rebels.

Cal also faces off against a one-armed cloaked figure wielding a red lightsaber, and encounters an exceptionally pale figure in a bacta tank.

We also get a look at Cal’s new lightsaber, which is not the same one he uses at the end of Fallen Order. This new saber only has one blade and lacks the option of being separated into two lightsabers, implying that Cal may lose his original saber at the beginning of Survivor and have to build a new one.

Por Diego