Why Was Palpatine’s Lightsaber SO OFFENSIVE to the Jedi?

Why Was Palpatine’s Lightsaber SO OFFENSIVE to the Jedi?

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Despite hating Lightsaber Combat, Palpatine constructed two of the most offensive and disrespectful red lightsabers Possible, to the Jedi Order.

This is Palpatine’s Lightsaber. Or I should say one of them, because despite holding an absolute hatred for Lightsabers, Palpatine constructed two of his own in case he ever needed to use them. And in doing so, he crafted them in the most disrespectful and offensive way possible to the Jedi Order. So how did he do this? Cut that subscribe button in half with your lightsaber and lets find out.

In Palpatine’s early apprenticeship under Darth Plagueis, he constructed two of the most finely crafted and elegant lightsabers possible before bleeding their kyber crystals red. He did this with great pain however, because he preferred to use more refined tactics to win, like poisonings, politics and generally just outsmarting his opponents. If it came down to it, he’d rather use a very small force ability to nudge the tide of the situation, rather than something bombastic like pulling two red blades. His lightsabers were only to be used as backups incase things got dire, just like they did when Mace and the others entered his office.

Regardless, when he created them, he used very expensive materials and ornate designs literally to taunt the Jedi Order, because such extravagance and wealth goes directly against their values.