Luke’s Friend ‘Fixer’ from Tosche Station

Luke’s Friend ‘Fixer’ from Tosche Station

diciembre 9, 2021 Desactivado Por Diego

With the release of the 3rd book of boba fett trailer called “The return” not long ago, I spotted something incredibly fascinating in it which points to the return of a hugely iconic location from the A New Hope Deleted Scenes and the evidence for it is also 100% certain at this point…

So If you look closely at one of the shots from about 45 seconds into the trailer, some guards are absolutely pummeling someone who looks like he’s wearing some very familiar robes. Many people have been saying that these are Jedi robes and that this man is a Jedi survivor of Order 66 and the purge, and has made it all the way past the fall of the Empire.

Now as much as this popped into my mind and made me think, most likely this guy isn’t a Jedi because there are only a few survivors left by the time Return of the Jedi and those who are left obviously aren’t really in the picture since Luke is the last hope.. Most survivors by this point were hunted down and slaughtered by Darth Vader or simply are not even in the known galaxy anymore, like Ezra Bridger who’s off in the unknown regions with thrawn.

The theory I have and one that looks really compelling at this point, is that this is actually Laze Lonezoner also known as Fixer and his friend Camie Marstrap, who are both seen talking to Luke in the A New Hope deleted scenes. Now these two are found at Tosche Station, which is where Luke Wants to pick up the power converters. If we look inside of Tosche station you’ll see some striking similarities between there and what we see in the book of boba fett trailer.