When Kit Fisto LOST IT at a Separatist – Star Wars

When Kit Fisto LOST IT at a Separatist - Star Wars

Throughout the Clone Wars, if the Jedi ever had a mission to do on a watery world, they instantly knew the perfect man to call up for the Job, Kit Fisto. Things went horribly wrong however, when Kit Fisto was sent out to put an end to the separatist quarren army on Mon Cala, and restore the Republic government… Upon destroying the separatist commander Centre, Fisto realized that their attacks continued to be organized and deliberate even without a leader. This led to the aquatic Jedi to complete losing his temper, sending on a skull crushing rampage… So, lets break down Kit Fisto’s wild mission on Mon Cala.

So, the story begins on the watery home world of both the Mon Calamari people and the Quarren, where Kit Fisto and his clones are reporting to master Yoda about the status of their mission. The grandmaster asks if his General has captured the separatist leaders on the planet, to which Kit Fisto says that he has captured them… or so he thought. It isn’t quite that simple.

Fisto reports that he has successfully destroyed the quarren command centre and taken their leadership as prisoners of war… but somehow the separatists are continuing their fight… and their attacks are still just as organized and just as deliberate as they were before… Fisto then realizes that clearly… this beast has more than just one head, meaning the leadership captured were definitely not the only ones in control of the Quarren army.

In response to this, Yoda orders Kit Fisto to find the *true leader* of the quarren… but wonders where this search can even begin. Being native to a water world, Kit Fisto immediately senses that the ocean is not at ease and that something is out in it’s depths… and not something good… Hearing this, Yoda demands that Fisto scour the depths of the vast ocean to find this mysterious figure. Finally, the Jedi Grandmaster tells his general that he has great faith in him, and that before long, this planet will be won back by the republic, and liberated from separatist rule…

Following this conversation, Fisto’s Clone Commander asks what his next orders are, to which he is told to stay put and protect the Mon Cal supply lines at all costs. Fisto knows that their enemy will be watching with keen eyes for a large search party… and he hopes to sneak up on this mysterious foe and give him a massive shock.

And as is tradition for these comics, lets give a name to this unnamed Clone Trooper in the comments below, as he is confirmed not to be Commander Monnk! A Brave underwater trooper like him definitely deserves a nickname.

Moving over to the Quarren Command centre three days later, the remaining separatist soldiers report that they’ve suddenly lost contact with five of their outposts on the battlefield… The Quarren who has now taken over after the other leaders were captured is shocked and stunned by this discovery, believing it to be impossible since they haven’t intercepted any republic transmissions or spotted any large clone trooper movements whatsoever… so how could this be possible?

Before the Quarren commander can think about this ridiculous situation any futher, his head turns and he immediately sees his enemy Jedi General surging towards him with his green lightsaber in hand. In an act of pure strength, Kit Fisto blasts himself through the hardened glass of the command centre with tremendous force and begins deflecting blaster bolts immediately at the Quarren, killing many of them.