The MYSTERIOUS Sith Temple on Umbara – Star Wars

The MYSTERIOUS Sith Temple on Umbara - Star Wars

The Battle of Umbara was one of the bloodiest and most brutal conflicts that the Clone Troopers of the Republic faced during the war, pitting brother against brother, even having to fight back against the treasonous Jedi General Pong Krell. But what the Troopers and the Jedi didn’t realize was that there was a hidden Sith Temple on the planet, which may have actually influenced Pong Krell’s actions.

The mysterious Sith Academy on Umbara was a structure that was carefully constructed by the organization known as “The Brotherhood of Darkness”, who rose to power in the closing stages of the Republic’s dark age. The facility itself was built in in the final days of the New Sith Wars, around 1000 years before the Battle of Yavin, and the planet Umbara was chosen because of the dark side energy that flowed through it, channeling the force through it’s hallways. At this new temple, the young Sith apprentices were taught the ways of the Dark side and instructed in how to become deceptive and cunning, without a hint of hesitation. The temple on Umbara quickly became known for producing some of the best Dark Side assassins and spies in the galaxy, and those who graduated from here preferred to use the force to KILL, rather than defend or try to influence their opponents. The only problem was… you had to survive the gruelling training to even get a chance out in the field… Definitely no easy task.