Star Wars: Forgotten Enemy – Trailer (Fan Film)

Star Wars: Forgotten Enemy – Trailer (Fan Film)

agosto 3, 2021 Desactivado Por Diego

Here is the trailer for Star Wars: Forgotten Enemy. This is a fan film that will be released on my channel in September 2021. The run time will be around 15 minutes. I had the privledge of being brought onto this film to Assistant Direct, Cinematographer for the production and for post the majoirty of VFX and majority of color correction (and cutting this trailer!)

WRITER / DIRECTOR – Bobby Devlin


CINEMATOGRAPHER – Andrew List STORY – Bobby Devlin & Joshua Lawson

MUSIC – Parademics,

VFX – Andrew List Additional

VFX – Julian Bell, Al Jones 3D Model – Zion Davis… ACTORS Bobby Devlin, Joshua Lawson, Jonathan Morgan, Kim Devlin