The FIRST MISSION Vader Took the 501st on After ORDER 66 1

After the tragic call of Order 66 and the storming of the Jedi Temple by Anakin Skywalker and the 501st, Vader was desperate to begin purging the Galaxy of any and all traces of the former Jedi Order which he now hated with all of passion. So, I’m going to breakdown the first village that Vader brought his 501st clone troopers to, in order to slaughter the citizens and crush and hopes of the few remaining Jedi.

The story begins on the dry, rocky world of Valkin, where Darth Vader and his Clone Troopers have been dispatched to find the fugitive Jedi, known as Cho’na Bene, the last remaining of the three Jedi who sparked an insurgency on the planet. Once this surviving Jedi is discovered, Vader has permission to either arrest or execute him on the spot.

As Vader and his men exit their vehicle, Ct-3636 receives a call from his brother, CT-3632 who is searching another area of Valkin and has not been able to find anything.

3636 then extends the search radius in hopes of capturing this fugitive Jdi as soon as possible, but before he can even order his troopers to move forward, a flurry of blaster fire rains down from above the group, instantly piercing his chest and sadly killing him on the spot.

Vader immediately ignites his lightsaber and begins to ragefully defend his troopers, blocking almosot every single bolt that comes his way… He is hit a few times, but is able to protect his men.

The fugitive Jedi, Cho’Na watches on the Clone Troopers of the 501st are worried that their General is pinned down, and are attempting to open a path for him. Unfortunately, before they can even attempt this, Cho’na erupts from behind them and killing them instaly with his dual wielded blue lightsabers.

Vader is angered as he continues taking more blaster fire from above him, and the fugitive Jedi begins destroying Vader’s swoop bikes.

As the grenade erupts into a massive red fireball, the entire building complex is destroyed, and Vader returns to his surviving Clone Troopers. Vader firmly asks his Clone Trooper where the fugitive Jedi is, and the trooper is flustered and has no idea where he is. Luckily for Vader however, Cho’Na reveals himself to Vader in a nearby cave, and invites Vader to come in and face him like a real man.

Soon after this, Vader’s trooper calls him and tells the dark lord that his force is down a dozen men, but weapons are at eighty seven percent… The brave trooper is in the middle of pledging himself to Vader’s Orders, but Vader clenches his fist with rage and tells the clone that there will be no pursuit.

The trooper is shocked and confused by this, but Vader angrily explains that the Jedi seeks to lure them farther from the city as a distraction…. Immediately after he says this, Vader is completely done with this poor clone trooper, lifting him into the air the force, before slamming him head first into a nearby rock.

The Clone Trooper fortunately does survive the horrible attack by Vader, and is forced to watch on as Vader storms away from him and declares that the Jedi will die soon… but not today.

Following this, Vader sends his imperial security bureau officer, Oniye Namada, into the main marketplace of the town, and she strolls around the area, eventually stopping at her favourite stall to get a sweet roll. The owner tells her that he only has one with nuts left on it, which she absolutely hates, but he has no sympathy for her and tells her just to scrape them off since she scares all of his other customers away.

As the conversation continues, Oniye tells the owner that she’s been very friendly to him, mainly because he makes good pastries, but he can’t keep covering for rebels and fugitives. The imperial officer knows that the owner was inside of the cantina last night, when donations were being collected for an insurgency.

The owner, Djon tells her in response that he had absolutely nothing to do with it, and the imperial officer coldy responds by saying “you what the jedi have done. Order 66 was issued for a reason”.

Oniye then begs that Djon not defend the Jedi cultists, and he truly doesn’t see them as the glowing protectors of the galaxy that they were once thought off, but compared to Palpatine’s new order… he would take their rule anyday.

Before the conversation can go any further however, Vader himself passes through the centre of the town, with the 501st Clone Troopers inspecting every inch of the area and intimidating the local residents. The imperial officer is forced to leave

Following this, Major Namada is forced to leave the area and return to her base of operations. Meanwhile, Vader is being briefed by a group of imperial officers, who inform him that as long as the fugitive Jedi, Cho’na has the support of the locals, his insurgency and treason can never be stopped.

Por Diego