The Bad Batch Season One – Reunion Episode Review

The Bad Batch Season One - Reunion Episode Review

“Reunion” marks the mid-way point for the first season of Star Wars: The Bad Batch, so you know going in things are about to get real. All the same, the episode throws a curveball by revealing Fennec Shand isn’t the only bounty hunter hot on Clone Force 99’s trail. Turns out, they’re also being hunted by the notorious wide-brimmed hat-wearing mercenary Cad Bane, making him the latest Star Wars: The Clone Wars fan-favorite to show up on the series. Of course, his appearance spells bad news for our heroes, so it’s a mixed blessing.

Cad’s return counteracts the episode’s more obvious reveal: Kamino Prime Minister Lama Su and Chief Scientist Nala Se are the ones who hired Fennec to recover Omega. Yes, there was a slim chance some outside party was looking for Clone Force 99’s youngest member, but considering how few individuals know about her (Rex had no idea she existed before they met on Ord Mantell), it was always unlikely. For now, though, it’s unclear how she fits into Lama Su and Nala Se’s greater machinations to make sure the Galactic Empire continues to require their services.