Why the Kaminoans Should Stay on the Empire’s Good Side


The Kaminoans were a tall, thin amphibian sentient species with pale skin native to the isolated extragalactic aquatic planet of Kamino, located south of the Rishi Maze satellite galaxy and beyond the larger galactic disc.

Living in large stilted domed cities that rose high above the ocean surface, Kaminoan scientists were known to specialized in cloning technology and genetic engineering.

Kaminoans were slender, towering, pale-skinned humanoids whose oblong heads sat atop elongated neck bones that allowed them limited flexibility. They had two large, almond-shaped blackeyes with white pupils that enabled them to see into the ultraviolet spectrum. Male Kaminoans had fin-like crests atop their heads, while females were completely bald and wore unique head crescents. Their long and frail limbs gave them a graceful, gliding walk and featured small feet adapted to their extragalactic homeworld‘s firm seabeds and later hard flooring. Kaminoans reached adulthood at 11 years old.