Who is Vice Admiral Rampart From the Hologram on Saleucami?

Who is Vice Admiral Rampart From the Hologram on Saleucami?

Only a very short while after the end of the Clone Wars and the fall of the Republic, a young imperial officer was broadcasting his message and imposing his will on the people of saleucami and encouraging them to embrace the empire? But who was the imperial figure? Lets find out.

So to start off, we weren’t given too much information about this imperial officer in the show itself, but we do know that he now has his own black series figure. That figure reveals his rank if Vice Admiral of the Imperial navy, and his name is Rampart.

Now, we already know that Vice Admiral rampart is going to plas a massive role in teh show, because it’s pretty rare for minor characters to get their own black series this early on, unless they’re going to play a big part.

Looking at the actual hasbro website, we find out some more, very interesting information. The website tells us that After the fall of the Republic, Vice admiral Rampart is assigned to oversee the Clone Troopers on Kamino, by Governor Tarkin.

This tells us right away that Tarkin’s visit to Kamino in the aftermath of the Clone Wars was more a check up, rather than being a permanent station. He will instead sent Vice Admiral rampart to look over the dark, watery world and ensure that the Empire’s interests are protected.