Star Wars: 10 Most Badass Clone Troopers

In an army where everyone walks, talks, and acts like you, it is difficult to stand out.

The clones were first mentioned in A New Hope in 1977. However, audiences would not fully understand this reference until Attack of the Clones released in 2002. Cloned using the DNA of the infamous bounty hunter Jango Fett, The Grand Army of the Republic was a part of Darth Sidious’ plan to conquer the galaxy.

Although there have been a few notable exceptions, fans did not get to see the clones shine until The Clone Wars television show came to screens on Cartoon Network. The show explored the individuality of the clones and how they strived to be different from the droids that they were fighting.

This challenged the idea that the Clone Wars was just two indistinguishable armies going head to head against each other. By giving each trooper their own personality and look, thereby visually distinguishing each character from each other by customising their armour based on their rank, legion and even the Jedi General they served under, the clones always found time to shine. Dee Bradley Baker brought each clone to life, voicing each with a different flair of personality.

But which troopers managed to stand out the most? Whether it be their personality, armour or heroics, here are the most badass soldiers in the Grand Army of the Republic…

Por Diego