New Details Confirmed About Omega – Star Wars: The Bad Batch

New Details Confirmed About Omega - Star Wars: The Bad Batch

Not too long ago, Dee Bradley Baker, who will be voicing all of the Clone Troopers in Star Wars: The Bad Batch gave us some brand new information about the story of the series and about Omega herself, hinting at some very interesting details for her backstory… So, lets break them down.

So during an interview Dee Bradley Baker gave a small update on the series and gave us some hints at what might go down in the show. I’ll read the first part to you guys now.

As hinted in the trailer, the Bad Batch later come across a girl named Omega, who squirreled her way into the hearts of the unit. Whilst early episodes have yet to reveal how integral she is to the overall narrative, viewers will easily be able to notice parallels between Hunter and Omega’s relationship and Din Djarin and Grogu’s relationship in the Mandalorian.

So right off, we learn for one that Omega is a female, and also that she has managed to capture the hearts of Clone Force 99. It looks like the group probably initially didn’t want the extra burden of carrying around an extra member, especially one this young, but simply couldn’t refuse and let her live a life serving under the empire.

We also learn that Omega’s dynamic with the Bad Batch will be a very similar one to that of Grogu and Din Djarin. We already pretty much knew from the trailer that she would be sticking around for a large part of the show, but this now confirms that she will be an integral part of the series going forward… It’s possible that Palpatine is chasing her for some of his cloning research that we know begins almost immediately after the Clone Wars ended, or she could be the key to something greater, possibly revolving around Dathomir, but we’ll get to that in a second.