Bad Batch New Poster – (Palpatine, Female Clone Omega, Echo)

Bad Batch New Poster - (Palpatine, Female Clone Omega, Echo)

Today, Lucasfilm and Disney revealed the brand new official poster for the Star Wars: The Bad Batch series and with it we get a very interesting peak into some of the major events that we will see throughout the show… So lets dive into some of the details from the poster and how they will connect to the galaxy post Order 66.

Make sure you’re subscribed to the channel for daily bad batch content all the way up to the release on may the fourth. So right away we get the five main members of Clone Force 99, Hunter, Tech, Echo, Wrecker and Crosshair making up the main focus of the poster. Obviously there’s not much to be said about that, but you just have to admire how fantastic the animation style looks, and how far the lucasfilm animation team have come since the first season of the Clone wars all those years back.

We can also see that Omega, the female Clone is standing front and centre along with the bad Batch. This just further reinforces that she will be a major character in the series and probably tie into some of the other series taking place in the Galaxy at this time, like the Cassian Andor show. We already know thanks to Dave Filloni and Jon Favreau’s comments that every single show being produced under their banner will be connected in some way, with nods, hints and references in all of them.