Twi’lek Species COMPLETE Breakdown (History, Bio, Culture)

Twi'lek Species COMPLETE Breakdown (History, Bio, Culture)

Twi’leks, occasionally referred to as Rylothians, were a tall near-human species whose most striking feature was a pair of long appendages protruding from their skulls, called lekku. They hailed from the planet of Ryloth, in the Outer Rim Territories, and female Twi’lek were often exported offworld as slaves.

The Twi’lek species would go from one of countless isolated species in the Outer Rim, to one of the most popular species in the entire galaxy. See how the Twi’lek found their place in the galactic economy. One of the longest and saddest story of any Star Wars species. See how the ancient Rakatan Infinite Empire may have helped create the vast diversity we see in the Twileks today, and how the Hutt Cartel, Old Republic and Clone Wars era governments all kept this species down.