The OTHER Girl Obi-Wan Fell In Love With – Siri Tachi

The OTHER Girl Obi-Wan Fell In Love With - Siri Tachi

Before the Clone Wars kicked off and the Jedi Knights of the Republic were forced to become Generals in the new Grand Army, Obi-Wan kenobi fell in Love with Duchess Satine Kryze while he was tasked with protecting her along with his Master, Qui-Gon Jinn. What Obi-Wan didn’t really talk about however was that he fell in love with another Jedi Girl and became very close to her until her unfortunate demise during the war.
So, I’m going to breakdown the full story of Siri Tachi, the Other Girl that Obi-Wan Kenobi fell in love with.

Siri Tachi was discovered as force sensitive and taken away by the Jedi Order at a very young age, just like almost all of the others. Although she was about two years younger than Obi-Wan, by the time they both became became old enough to spar together, Siri Tachi was just as powerful as him in her skills with a training lightsaber, and even in her connection to the force. The two Jedi trained incredibly hard in hopes of progressing their skills, until eventually a massive civil war broke out on the planet Melida/Daan, where the two factions, called the Melida and the Daan were locked in a ferocious battle for control.

Very soon after the conflict broke out, Obi-Wan was dispatched to the planet alongside his master, Qui-Gon Jinn to rescue fellow Jedi Master, Tahl who was originally sent there to oversee peace negotiations, but had not been heard from in some time. She also happened to be the woman Qui-Gonn fell in love with, so if you want to know more about that, just let me know.

While Obi-Wan and his master were stationed on the planet however, something incredibly strange happened. Obi-Wan very soon became obsessed with a new Rebel group who popped up on the planet, called “The Young”, who simply wanted peace and to unify the other two warring powers. Not to mention, he also fell in love with the leader of this faction, Cerasi, but that’s a story for another time…

Eventually, Qui-Gon found his lover who was missing, Master Tahl, but unfortunately she was only moments away from death, meaning Qui-Gon had to rush her back to the Jedi temple for medical treatment. To Qui-Gon’s absolute shock and anger, Obi-Wan chose to stay on the planet, and leave the Jedi Order permanently to fight in the civil war…

As you can guess, things soon went down hill in the war, and Kenobi was even elected leader of the “The Young” faction, but after his lover Cerasi was killed, he begged Qui-Gon to come and rescue him, before returning to coruscant and Begging the Jedi council with all of his hear for forgiveness. Luckily they did give him forgiveness, and he was reinstated as the padawan of Qui-Gon Jinn.

After Obi-Wan returned to Coruscant he was greeted by Siri Tachi, who was absolutely disgusted at his shocking betrayal of the Jedi Order in order to fight in a civil war, and was absolutely furious at him. Siri Tachi completely hammered Kenobi, calling him an embarrassment to the rank of Padawan and a disgrace to the order. And at this point, she also had some slight bitterness inside of her because no Jedi Master had chosen her as Padawan yet, so she held some jealousy that Kenobi was chosen by Qui-Gon and then left the Jedi Order.

Eventually, Siri and Obi-Wan got into a rivalry with another young Jedi named Bruck Chun. Bruck Chun and his friends often taunted Obi-Wan, calling him names and teasing him for not being the most agile young Padawan in the order. This mostly stemmed because both Chun and Kenobi wanted Qui-Gon to choose them as his padawan, and of course Qui-gon Choose obi-Wan. Because he was refused countless times by Qui-Gon, he eventually became easy prey for the fallen Jedi known as Xanatos, who made him steal incredibly sacred items and ancient artifacts from inside the Jedi temple, including the previous Healing crystals of fire, which were regarded as the greatest treasure that the Jedi Order owned.