Jango Fett was one of the most skilled and deadly bounty hunters to walk the face of the Galaxy, known for his incredibly toughness and ability to kill. But before he was chosen as the template for the Clone Army of the Republic, Jango Fett became a Mandalorian after his family were brutally murdered in front of him. So we’re going to dive deep into his backstory and how he became the Ruler of Mandalore, after the tragic death of his father figure, Jaster Mereel.

So if you haven’t seen Part 1, which is how Jango became a Mandalorian, make sure to pause this video and check that out in the pinned comment.

So, the story begins on the creepy moon known as Kohlma, also called, the Moon of the Dead, where Count Dooku is travelling to his lair deep beneath the surface.

Once inside, Dooku travels to his torture chamber, where he asks his droid if his prisoner is ready for interrogation. The droid responds to Dooku, telling him that the prisoner has finally succumbed to the substance known as Bavo Six. Bavo Six is a tremendously powerful, yet very easy to produce truth serum, used by many criminal syndicates, corrupt governments, all the way through the empire, much later on.

Once inside the torture room, Dooku’s prisoner, named Silas, groans to him that he is finally broken, and that he gives up. Although the Mandalorians are able to anticipate the worst of the worst, and are even trained to endure torture, Silas is finally at his breaking point and is ready to tell him everything he knows about Jango Fett, his former mentor.

Dooku is of course pleased by this, and tells his prisoner that the pain can end in moments if he tells him what he wants… And unfortunately, thanks to the truth serum and the horrendous torture, Silas cracks, and begins to the tell the story of who he believes is the greatest Mandalorian who ever lived, Jango Fett.

Silas’ story begins 20 years before, where he almost died serving under Jango Fett.

As the young Mandalorian Rookie is rummaging through his belongings, he sees Jango and is shocked that Jaster Mereel is finally giving him the command of his first squad. Jango, being the man he is, tells his friend that the mission briefing is about to begin, so he needs to fall in and keep his mouth shut.

As the meeting begins, Jaster Mereel introduces Jango, and informs his men that this is his first mission as Squad commander. Because of this, the mission is being kept simple and straightforward. The organization who gave them them the mission, The defence force of the planet Korda 6, has hired them to rescue a rookie security squad that have been pinned down by hostile natives on the planet.

Jasater tells his men that The recon from the Korda Defence force suggests that the natives won’t be providing any resistance, as they are very poorly armed and have no army. Finally, Jaster uploads the coordinates of the mission to every single one of the squad’s Mandalorian Helmets, before passing off to Montross, his other commanding officer. If you’ve played the Star Wars: Bounty Hunter game, you’ll definitely remember who this is.

The Mandalorians then split into three companies, with those who have flight experience with their jetpacks being assigned to vertigo company, and the others being split between Montross’ company and Jango Fett’s Headhunter company.

As the time of the mission comes, Jango firmly shouts out to his men to board the transports, and as he is doing this, his father figure, Jaster Mereel gives him a reassuring nod, and telling him “Make me proud, Jango.”

Jango smiles, and moves on with the mission, but he is soon interrupted by montross who says “I think he sometimes forgets that you’re not really his son. That’s dangerous. Clouds his judgement. And yours.”.

Montross is of course only saying this because one day soon, Jaster will be forced to choose his successor, and Montross wants to be that choice for the next leader. He considers Jango to be the fake son of Jaster, and doesn’t believe he deserves to rule. Jango of course brushes this off, saying that Jaster will do what’s right for the Mandalorians, but Montross continues to taunt him, saying “let’s hope we can say the same about you.

Following this, as Jango’s men are about to arrive on Korda 6 for their mission, he gives them his final words of encouragement, telling them to keep an eye on their ammon… and each other. Everybody comes home under Jango’s leadership.

Unfortunately, moments later, the Mandalorian fleet is attacked by ion cannon fire, disabling all electrical systems for most of the fleet, sending them plummeting towards the rocky surface below. Jango then congratulates his pilot on a great landing, given the situation, before bursting out of their transport and rushing forward.