The CREEPY Fate of General Grievous’ BODY After His Death

The CREEPY Fate of General Grievous' BODY After His Death 1

Immediately after the call for Order 66 was given to all Clones and the creation of the Empire, a squad of Clone Troopers from the 212th who remained on Utapau after Grievous’ fight with Kenobi, were able to recover General Grievous’ body. The clones were also able to recover Grievous’ captured starfighter nearby. Following this, his mask, body, armor and starfighter were stored in a secret imperial storehouse on Utapau, where it would be guarded by the Elite Clone Shadow Troopers.

After the Clone Shadow troopers stationed on Utapau remained on duty, guarding the storehouse for many years, Grievous’ body was collected by a well known cyberneticist called Nycolai Kinesworty. Kinesworthy hoped to use the dead body of General Grievous for his newly created N-K cybernetic project, which hoped to create a high advanced droid copy of General Grievous. Eventually, the doctor was incredibly successful in creating this droid copy of General Grievous, and put it into action, on the front lines of any battle he deemed it necessary to use. The General Grievous droid eventually enjoyed a very short life for itself in the Myyydril Caverns on the planet Kashyyyk, but was tragically destroyed by a group of anonymous scoundrels soon after. After brutally killing the droid copy of General Grievous, the scoundrels stole the droid’s weaponry and anything else valuable that was attached to its body, including his traditional Kaleesh war mask. These guys were savages.

General Grievous’s traditional Kaleesh mask eventually ended up on the invisible market after this, which was a market even more illegal and dangerous than the black market. Let me know down below if you want to hear more about the types of illegal and dangerous products sold on the invisible market! On this invisible market, the mask was purchased by a high ranking Admiral in the imperial navy because of its incredible artistic properties and historic value. It’s not fully clear who exactly the admiral was, but it is strongly hinted to be Grand Admiral Thrawn because of his deep respect for history and art. Let me know down below if you agree that it probably is Thrawn, or do you think it could be another Imperial admiral. About 50 years after Grievous’ demise, he became a God to the people of his homeworld, Kalee, where he was worshipped by the Kaleesh people.

A temple was even built on his homeworld, to honor their new God, General Grievous. On top of this, many of the citizens of the Galaxy remembered General Grievous as a brilliant commander and a merciless enemy. Following that, two cyborg models named the Terror Trooper and the Terror Biodroids were created in the image of the fallen General Grievous. You might remember those if you’ve played the force unleashed games. Finally, many years after Grievous’ death, he was featured in a painting called “Utapau Surrenders”, which depicted his brutal and harsh takeover of the planet, during the final days of the Clone Wars.