The Jedi Who Tricked Clones Into Executing Order 66 again

The Jedi Who Tricked Clones Into Executing Order 66 again 1

Ferren Bar was an Iktotchi Jedi Padawan who served in the Jedi Order during the Clone Wars and the Fall of the Republic. Fortunately He was able to escape the Great Jedi Purge, surviving the horrific day of Order 66, and go into hiding on the ocean world of Mon Cala. So, I’m going to break down exactly how Ferren Barr Caused imperial Clone Purge troopers to execute Order 66 for a second time on their own men, and his shocking fate.
Also let me know down below if you want me to cover some of the prequel stories to this, including how Ferren Bar knew Darth Vader Vader was Anakin Skywalker, and was able to hack into the Jedi Temple security system and watch Anakin Slaughter the younglings in the Jedi temple.

The story begins with Admiral Raddus mounting a huge defence of his homeworld of Mon Cala from an incoming imperial fleet, led by Governor Tarkin. As this is happening however, Dark Lord Darth Vader is also swiftly moving towards the planet, flanked by his band of obedient inquisitors and a squad of Clone Purge troopers wearing mostly black armor, who are now loyal to the Empire. Darth Vader senses the presence of Jedi Padawan Ferren Barr and his disciples, which is allowing him to track them down.

As Vader and his loyal troopers are marching towards Barr’s Location, he receives a hologram transmission from Governor Tarkin, requesting that he track down and kidnap King Lee Char, as a personal favour for himself. Vader is of course angry at Tarkin, saying that he is not subject to Tarkin’s authority, but Tarkin of course reframes the question, asking Vader again, to which he finally agrees to hunt the King down. Because of this, Vader quickly splits off from his inquisitors and Clone Purge troopers to hunt the King, sending them alone to track down Ferren Bar and his followers. The Ninth sister, who you might remember from Jedi: Fallen Order, quickly assures Vader that they will be able to complete the task without him, and begin on their mission.

Ferren Barr quickly realizes that the dark Imperial inquisitors were rapidly chasing him down, and because of this, began to evacuate with the two disciples who were with him, Daren and Verla, who some believe was actually the hooded figure in the Mandalorian Season 2 trailer. I’m not the biggest fan of that theory, but if you guys want I can definitely make a video breaking down all of the evidence on that one.

Following that, Daren is horrifically killed by an inquisitor’s spinning, red blade as it shreds his chest to pieces, right in front of Ferren Barr and Verla. Following Darren’s brutal and swift death, the rest of the inquisitors burst onto the scene, backed up by the imperial Clone troopers. As they approach Barr and Verla, the Sixth brother asks what they were talking about, to which the tenth brother quickly responds, telling him that he was able to hear them say that there was “no way” out, because of his species exceptional hearing. The 10th brother is part of the Miraluka species, which evolved to have no eyes, meaning they probably also evolved to have exceptional hearing in order to make up for the loss of sight.

Verla becomes incredibly angry at the inquisitors at this point and is ready to charge in and give her life to take a few of them down with her. Padawan Ferren Barr quickly holds her back however, saying that he has another, much more clever idea. Because he was a Jedi Padawan before the fall of the order, he remembers each of the inquisitors from their time in the Order, while they respected the light side of the force. Because of this, he is able to remember each of their old names. The tenth brother, prosset Dibs, the sixth brother Bil Valen, and the Ninth Sister, Masana Tide. As he says the names of these former Jedi, a stunning realization comes over him, which gives him enough confidence to drop his metallic lightsaber hilt to the cold rocky ground. In response to this, the Ninth sister arrogantly states, “so what? We know you too. You were a Jedi Padawan, Ferren Barr”.

They were unaware however that Ferren Barr’s genius plan involved turning the very Clones standing behind them, against them. He confidently explained he had studied the paste. He tracked down every single piece of information about how Palpatine was able to trick the Galaxy and the role of the Clones in the betrayal of the Republic. Ferren Barr then quickly ripped the Clone Purge Trooper’s helmets off and pulled a stunning move. All of his study and time in hiding had led to this moment. He called the words Execute Order 66 to the Clone Troopers, while using a Jedi mind trick on each of them.