Temuera Morrison Boba Fett Appearance in The Mandalorian

Temuera Morrison Boba Fett Appearance in The  Mandalorian 1

Last night, Temuera finally updated his page to confirm a new television role for 2020, which of course is the Mandalorian Season 2. On the listing, his role as Boba Fett is Confirmed for at least one appearance in season 2 of the mandalorian. Interestingly, the director panel on the listing does not include one director, but says various, which could mean that he is featuring in multiple episodes throughout season 2 and may have a much larger role than we are all expecting. Again though, this could also simply be referring to the Mandalorian as a whole, which will have different directors for every episode. Looking at some of the other TV shows and productions listed on Temuera Morrison’s page, we can see that where he appeared in multiple episodes of that show, he listed the amount of episodes in brackets. This may unfortunately point to him only making a small appearance towards the end of Season 2, but again it doesn’t mean much at this point, because some of his listings have his appearance in 1 episode in brackets, likely just meaning that he hasn’t specified how many times he will show up in the Mandalorian Season 2.