The Mandalorian: Season 2 Boba Fett Easter Egg from Trailer

The Mandalorian: Season 2 Boba Fett Easter Egg from Trailer 1

We pan over a world that could be a number of planets. The razor crest is beaten up pretty bad, which tells me it’s possibly after this shot on what I think is Illum. The mando is searching for the Jedi to reunite The Child with its people, and to learn who its people truly are. The Planet could be a number of possibilities I’m not sure of, what I saw some people saying in the live stream reaction and breakdown, was that it could be passing Mandalore, but that planet or moon it’s going to, doesn’t look like Concordia to me, unless there’s another moon that I’m not aware of. The planet they’re passing could be Yavin and the mood could be yavin 4. The only issue is that yavin is more red than what we saw, but that could be a play on the light and where the sun is in that shot. My next guess is that the planet we see is actually Mon Cala, which makes sense since the next shot is him on what I think is Mon Cala, as we see Quarren species and Mon Calamari, admiral Akbar’s species on a barge. Now, this female is who a lot of you were saying is Sabine Wren, however, it could also be Verla, the mysterious Jedi that Luke Skywalker went to speak with in the comics. I say this because of the ships being somewhat similar, and because of these two scenes lining up, but, a lot of you have said that it’s Sabine, and that the rumours point to that, so we’ll so with Sabine, considering she looks so young, and Verla is older.