A-SERIES ASSASSIN DROIDS – The Deadliest Separatist Battle Droid

A-SERIES ASSASSIN DROIDS - The Deadliest Separatist Battle Droid 1

A-Series Assassin Droids were an extremely advanced type of battle droid that were deployed by the Separatist army during the height of the Clone Wars, including the infamous battle of Jabiim. At the time of their deployment on the battlefield, they were the most elite model of combat Battle Droid used by the Separatist army So what exactly were these A-Series assassin droids capable of and who did they answer to?
I’m going to break down exactly how effective these Assassin droids are and why they were so feared.

The A-Series assassin droids were much taller than the average Coruscant human, standing at 2.4 meters tall and heavily resembling the B2 Super battle droid, which often fought alongside these mechanical assassins. The Assassin droids also had an angular, humanoid chassis, with a lean face, designed to intimidate any opponent it came up against.

The face of the A-series assassin droid also contained four red photoreceptors beneath its sharp crested head. These photoreceptors allowed the droids to possess incred vision and possess extremely advanced targeting capabilities, making them perfect for long range extraction and assasination missions.