Junior Jedi Knights: The Golden Globe

Junior Jedi Knights: The Golden Globe

febrero 6, 2020 Desactivado Por Diego

Anakin Solo arrives on Yavin 4 on the eve of classes starting at the Jedi Praxeum. Luke Skywalker welcomes him, and he meets another student named Tahiri.

That night Tahiri has a nightmare about traveling in a raft down a river on Yavin 4, but then falling out of the raft and starting to drown. It is a recurring dream for her and she now recognizes the location as the jungle moon she is on. A new part of the dream is the appearance of Anakin.

In the morning Tahiri tells Anakin about her dream, and his presence in it. Tahiri suggests the two off them sneak off and raft down the nearest river, but Anakin declines. They then go to classes which covers levitation of objects. That night, Tahiri rests peacefully, while Anakin is now plagued by the nightmare that Tahiri had been having (but from his perspective, watching Tahiri start to drown).