Star Wars: The Han Solo Trilogy – The Paradise Snare

The Paradise Snare

Han Solo has spent nearly all of his nineteen years aboard the Trader’s Luck, a pirate vessel commanded by the barbaric Garris Shrike. While on Corellia, Shrike discovered Han as a street urchin and took him in to use as an actor in scams. By sending Solo and other children into the streets on various worlds to beg for money, Shrike made a fortune. Life aboard Trader’s Luck was hard and cruel, but a young Solo found solace and care from the Wookiee cook Dewlanna. From her, he learned to understand Shyriiwook and learned that not everyone in the galaxy was as vile as Shrike. At the age of nineteen, the youth decided he had enough with Shrike and made plans to escape the Luck. Solo carefully planned to stowaway aboard a droid freighter bound for Ylesia, where he had heard about a need for skilled pilots. However, his plan was discovered by Shrike during his farewell to Dewlanna. Shrike was furious and violence ensued; Dewlanna defended they boy and injured Shrike, but not before she suffered a mortal injury. Stricken with grief, Solo was reluctant to leave a dying Dewlanna. She told him to leave, to live so that her death would not be in vain. With Dewlanna dead and Shrike unconscious, Han Solo boarded the freighter and began his journey to Ylesia.