Star Wars Knight Errant (novel)

Star Wars Knight Errant (novel)

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By the beginning of the novel, Jedi Knight Kerra Holt attempts to kill Lord Daiman even as the psychotic Sith does battle with his vicious brother, Lord Odion, at the Battle of Gazzari. However, Kerra decides to save the lives of the innocent people who were in the midst of combat with the help of Jarrow Rusher.

Following their departure from Gazzari, Kerra, Jarrow, and the others find themselves arriving on a world ruled over by the Sith siblings Qullian and Dromika. Kerra manages to snap their hold over this world just as the forces of Arkadia Calimondra arrive so they can collect their leader’s cousins.

Calimondra takes her cousins, Kerra, Jarrow, and the rest of the innocent people back to her own world, where she shows her society to be a peaceful one, unlike the others. However, Kerra sees through her ruse, as Calimondra has made her society in which no one is special and no one can rise in rank. Calimondra nevertheless asks Kerra for her help in killing Vilia Calimondra so that conflicts like the one between Daiman and Odion can stop. Kerra naturally declines to help the Sith, and she escapes with Jarrow and the others.