Star Wars 19: Twilight, Part 2

Star Wars 20: Twilight, Part 2

As Quin sleeps, he dreams of his lost Padawan, Aayla Secura. He explains to his Devaronian companion, that before leaving Nar Shaddaa, the must find Bib Fortuna, who also showed up in his visions. After finding him and squeezing as much information from him as possible, he is able to summon his guards. Quin and Villie are able to repel the attackers, but in the meantime, Fortuna is able to escape. After a narrow escape from the planet’s surface, Quinlan decides the best place to begin the search for his identity is his home planet of Kiffu. Once there, Quinlan learns of his recent investigation from his great-aunt SheyfTinté Vos. Meanwhile, back aboard the Inferno, Villie finds out about a bounty on Quin’s head from his cousin Holmar.