New Star Wars Episode IX The Rise Of Skywalker Leak Reveals A Mega Spoiler

New Star Wars Episode IX The Rise Of Skywalker Leak Reveals A Mega Spoiler 1

In a purported breakdown of the first two-thirds of The Rise of Skywalker’s plot, Reddit user JediPaxis has claimed that something major goes on at the end of the movie’s second act. Specifically, someone Star Wars fans said goodbye to just a few years ago will supposedly make an epic, unexpected return. A rumored crucial part of The Rise of Skywalker could involve the inner turmoil of Adam Driver’s Kylo Ren. The former Ben Solo has spent his adult life striving to emulate Darth Vader, by rising through the ranks of the First Order and pledging allegiance to the Empire. His path has been pretty dark throughout The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi, but some fans have theorized that the new Supreme Leader could be redeemed in The Rise of Skywalker. How might that happen? “I had a blast today. I really learned a lot, and people are gonna love the new me.”

According to some fans, none other than Kylo’s father, Han Solo, played by Harrison Ford, will return in The Rise of Skywalker and offer his son a chance at redemption. The moment allegedly happens after Kylo and Rey engage in a tense lightsaber battle, during which both Force-sensitive fighters can feel that Leia is dying. This heightens their emotions, and pushes Rey to grab Kylo’s weapon and drive it through his chest. She tells Kylo that she will never be like him before summoning her newfound healing ability to save Kylo from death. Afterwards, Rey steals Kylo’s ship and Darth Vader’s wayfinder device to head to Endor, leaving Kylo broken and defeated. It’s here where Han Solo reportedly appears to Kylo as a vision and tells him that it’s never too late to return to return to the light and make the right choice. Kylo is said to be moved by the conversation with his late father and decides to become Ben Solo again, thus returning to the light side. The idea of Kylo Ren stripping away his dark persona, reclaiming his birth name of Ben Solo, and turning to the light side is an intriguing thought, but will it actually happen in The Rise of Skywalker? Similarly, will Harrison Ford actually circle back to the Star Wars franchise to play the character whose son killed him in cold blood? Keep watching the video to see the new ‘Rise of Skywalker’ leak reveals a mega spoiler!