Star Wars Episode IX – The Rise of Skywalker lovely Wallpapers

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker

Since there were no answers in the Last Jedi, but only assumptions, it remains to think about what the next part will be. The heroes of the fantastic action movie “Star Wars: Episode 9” complete the epic story, which introduced the audience to a special world and made love it. The action will take place one year after the main events of the eighth part. Rey did not finish her studies, as Luke Skywalker was unable to fully prepare her. The girl needs time to gather strength and thoughts. There are practically no participants of the Resistance, it is necessary to assemble a new team and begin its training. Luke became a disembodied ghost, but managed not only to fight Kylo Ren, but promised to meet him. Can he adequately fulfill his role as an otherworldly mentor? Spectators are waiting for incredible adventures, supported by powerful special effects, full disclosure of all secrets and answers to questions that did not give rest from the very beginning. It is a little sad that the space saga may end, but the creators’ intentions may still change and a new version of the events will occur, which will lead the story in a different direction.

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