Why The Jedi Called This Dark Side Cult more dangerous Than Sith – Star Wars

A Sith cult or Sith sect was a cult that would praise, and often practice, the teachings of the Sith philosophy. Some Sith cults would also worship one or more specific ancient Sith Lords and practice his or her teachings, sometimes even with the goal of resurrecting the ancient Sith Lord. Some cults would also involve a degree of fetishism, as they were in possession of items that once belonged to the Sith Lord in question and treated them as relics and sometimes even instruments to gain power.

As with many other types of cults around the galaxy, Sith cults were often led by one (sometimes more than one) charismatic individual that was strong in the dark side of the Force to inspire faith—often accompanied by fear—in his or her followers. However not all Sith cults were Force users, the Cult of Exar Kun being an example of Sith-worshiping non-Force-sensitives.